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No garden? No light? No problem! These mushroom logs and mushroom growing kit nz let you grow delicious mushrooms in almost any condition.
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If the hit HBO show The Last of Us has mushrooms on your mind, you’re not alone. In fact, you might be interested in growing some fungi by way of a mushroom growing kit.
A mushroom growing kit nz offers an enjoyable, uncomplicated way to grow ‘shrooms. They’re low-maintenance and don’t require the same weeding or watering a garden does. Plus, you can grow them easily in the backyard or kitchen. And, with so many types available, you might find your family’s new favorite ingredient for pizza night.
Here are the best mushroom logs and mushroom growing kits to get you started with your very own mushroom garden. Don’t miss these vegetables you should grow indoors either!
Oyster mushroom growing kit nz
This oyster mushroom log kit is handmade in Georgia and pretty enough to compete with houseplants. Each log is made from recently felled aspen and poplar trees, and planted with organic oyster mushroom spores. All you have to do is soak the mushroom log and keep it in a damp, cool and dark place. Within about seven months, you’ll be in fresh mushroom heaven. Then, re-soak and harvest every six weeks for up to three years. For more indoor gardening fun, read our AeroGarden review.
Golden Oyster mushroom growing kit nz
If you’re more interested in quickly eating freshly grown mushrooms than you are in watching them grow over time, this golden oyster mushroom growing kit is the pick for you. Follow four simple steps to grow oyster mushrooms: Cut the bag, tent the plant, mist it with water, then let the mushroom growing kit nz. Plus, mushroom lovers have reported oyster mushroom growth within the first week. By the way, these are the most common types of mushrooms.
Shiitake mushroom growing kit nz
For the gardener that has it all, give them a unique project. The shittake mushroom log is already seeded with spores. Just soak the log in water and wait for the mushroom growing kit nz to appear. Then, enjoy your mushroom harvest for up to three years. Check out more gift ideas for gardeners.
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mushroom growing kit nz

Organic mushroom growing kit nz

This organic mushroom kit is also non-GMO—and you can grow it straight from its cardboard package. To grow pearl oyster mushrooms, simply open the box and spray with water. You should expect to have edible mushroom growing kit nz in about 10 days. Each crop produces 3-4 servings of mushrooms, and each box can grow up to two crops. Moreover, we think this is a perfect gardening gift for kids.
Backyard Morel mushroom growing kit nz
The morel mushroom growing kit is meant for outdoor use. It’s designed to be grown directly in soil, and you need about 4-5 square feet of ground. Morels are a perennial crop and will continue to produce fungi year after year if the appropriate conditions are provided. You can get started anytime the soil is workable, which depends on your climate. The kit includes a bag of inoculated California mushroom spawn and a set of growing instructions. Check out the best places to buy seeds online.
Lion’s Mane mushroom growing kit nz
Looking to branch out? Lion’s mane mushrooms might look unusual, but they’re completely edible and have a mild seafood flavor. They absorb flavors (and liquid) like a sponge, which makes them versatile in cooking. Also, you gotta see one! They look like a mane of lush white hair growing out of a log. These mushroom growing kits can take a few weeks to mature, but some gardeners have reported faster results. Take a look at our tips for preparing mushrooms.
mushroom growing kit nz
Pink Oyster mushroom growing kit nz
Pink oyster mushrooms would look gorgeous garnishing a salad—or growing in the living room. (Like the look? See more mushroom decor.) Also, this rose-colored mushroom growing kit is ideal for beginners because it comes with a grow guarantee. If your green thumb fumbles, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll receive a full refund.
Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Blue oyster mushroom growing kit nz are one of the most popular mushroom varieties to grow from a kit. This blue oyster mushroom growing kit lets you grow mushrooms right on the kitchen counter. These kits are hand-crafted in Maine by a team of dedicated mycologists. Your harvest should yield large flushes of velvety mushrooms within a few days. 

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